The Call for an ING Credit Card

ING has a gained a huge following for their awesome options for savings accounts, checking accounts, trading accounts, home loans and retirement options.

ING has great rates, fantastic customer support, and a wonderful philosophy.

One huge area where ING is missed is in the credit card sector!  I would love to see ING open up a credit card, and if you would too I’d love to have you sign the ING Credit Card petition.

ING Customers Can Transfer Money to Friends by Bumping Phones

A new iphone application allows ING users to pay money to friends by “bumping” their cell phones together.

This is a very cool application from our favorite innovative bank. Read more here

$50 Bonus If You Open an ING IRA by February 7th

ING’s offering up another new hot promotion. If you open an IRA account by February 7th, you can qualify for a $50 bonus! Click here to take advantage of this great promotion.

Receive $83 when you sign up for an Electronic Orange checking account

ING is now offering a $83 credit when you sign up for their electric orange checking account! See here to redeem your $83!

ING Social Media

I recently checked out ING’s social media pages, and damn! They’ve got a lot of attention on there, with over 14,000 twitter followers and over 26,000 facebooks fans at the time of publish!

Tour of ING Cafes!

ING has opened 11 cafes.  These are not places to perform banking, instead they are just to provide a ‘face’ for the company and to build peoples faith in an online-only business.

Recently, The Financial Brand posted a photo tour of some cafe locations.  Very cool stuff! Check it out!

ING Reviews

Overall there has been a flood of praise for ING.

Jim at praised the CD laddering form along with the intuitive login system, although he found that the rates have been a bit sluggish as of late.

Michael at MDM Proofing praises ING’s “uniqueness”, their absence of fees and minimums, and their user interface.

Mark at Money Crashers praises ING as a great direct bank.

An article on ezinearticles highlights the transparency of ING bank and the easy access to rates and information.